GI Oncology

The gastrointestinal tract tumors as well as any extra organs that exhibit symptoms of internal death, such as excruciating pain, swelling, failure to process, difficulty swallowing, ongoing obstruction, or extreme loose stools. The two types of gastrointestinal disorders are lower gastrointestinal tract tumors and upper gastrointestinal malignancies. If there is a doubt or blister, finding necessitates an endoscope followed by a biopsy. Diseases affecting the esophagus, stomach, pancreas, liver, gall bladder, and MALT are included in upper stomach associated tract malignancies. Colorectal cancer, butt-centric development, large and small gastrointestinal tract cancers, retroperitoneum, and carcinoid tumor are all lower stomach-related tract diseases.

Esophageal Oncology

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