Motility and Neurogastroenterology

The natural movement of food from the mouth hole to the rectum through the intestinal tract, known as peristalsis, promotes the assimilation of dietary supplements. These peristaltic compressions take place when the gut's muscle layers and the nerves that are placed in them work in unison. Gut motility problems can be related to disorders in other organ systems. Understanding the parts of the enteric, sympathetic, and parasympathetic divisions of the gastrointestinal tract is made easier by neurogastroenterology. On every surface of our body, neurons are visible. We may experience and perform both intentional and involuntary tasks as a direct result of these neurons.

For example, the central nervous system, mitochondrial disorders, muscular dystrophies and others. .

Esophageal issues

Gastric disorders

Small bowel issues

Colon issues

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